That awkward moment… (When you look younger than your age)

  1. When you meet someone new, and they ask how old are you, and their reaction is: “Oh really? You look like 16-18.” or even worse: “What? You are 22? You look like 14. Then you wonder what the hell you are supposed to look like. Have wrinkles? Grey hair?
  2.  When you are small and slim, wear glasses, and your favourite outfit is: jeans, t-shirt, sneakers and a backpack (because wearing comfortable stuff, and being able to run> looking sexy), so people automatically assume you are a highschool girl.
  3. When you decide to wear a skirt and high heels after a long time, because the weather is nice, and you have a date after school. Suddenly it starts to rain, but you have no umbrella (because fuck umbrellas, they are too heavy to carry them in your bag all day). Then random guys come to you with their umbrellas, trying to protect you from the rain, and flirt with you. Then they ask about your age, thinking you are younger, then they realize you are already doing master degree, while they are first graders.
  4. When you go shopping with your mom, but you are they youngest kid in the family, and she was already 40, when she had you, and the shop assistant thinks she’s your grandma.
  5. When your 13-year-old nephew is taller than you, and people think you are siblings.
  6. When you get half price tickets, because you look like a child.penguin
  7. When you can wear your t-shirt from 10 years ago, because you are the same height since you were 13
  8. When you kiss your boyfriend, and a mean old lady comes to you, and gives you a lecture about morals.
  9. When you go to McDonald’s during your 1 hour break at university, and Ronald McDonald asks you, why aren’t you at school.
  10. When the cashier thinks your boyfriend is your older brother.
  11. When everybody says you look younger than your age, but you never really need your ID to get in a club, because you go to underground places, where they don’t really care.
  12. When you don’t even look that young, so you wonder if people are telling you, you look younger, because they think it’s a compliment.
  13. When people say: “In a few years, you will be glad you look younger”.
  14. When you say “Fuck it, I didn’t want to grow up anyways”.
  15. When you are trying to look older, so you dress up more formal, but then you feel like wearing a mask, because it’s absolutely not your style.