10 things that people who wear glasses are tired of hearing

When I was in elementary school, I often made mistakes in math, because I wrote wrong numbers into my sheets, when I was copying them from the blackboard. I wrote an 8 instead of a 3 and so on, and if I was sitting further from the blackboard, I couldn’t read the numbers at all, so I realized there was something wrong with my eyes. We visited a doctor, and he said I needed glasses. I was 11 at the time, and I wear glasses since then. Although my eyesight didn’t get better, but it got worse, I got totally used to wearing glasses, and I don’t think that glasses make me look worse…but do you know what really grind my gears? When people say these things to me:

  1. “You are so beautiful without glasses.” Only without glasses? So does it mean I’m ugly with glasses? That’s interesting. What do I look like with glasses? Do I have a rotting zombie wound on my forehead with a third hand hanging out of it, or what?

    glasses 1

  2. “You look better when you don’t wear glasses.” Oh really? You look better, when I don’t wear my glasses too…


  3.  “You are so sexy without glasses.” Once a guy wrote this comment on one of my photos on Facebook. My reply was: “I’m always sexy.”
  4. “Don’t you want to try contact lenses?” Don’t you want to shut up? If I wanted to wear contact lenses I would wear them. What’s so hard to understand?
  5. “Don’t you want to get a surgery?” I’ll get an eye surgery, when I want to. If I don’t want to, then I won’t, and as long as I don’t have to wear heavy, thick glasses which look like an ashtray, I won’t.
  6. “You look like a totally different person without glasses.” Ok, I admit it, glasses cover up a part of my nose, and a part of my face around my eyes, but it still doesn’t make me look totally different. I’m the same person with or without my glasses.
  7. “People with glasses are nerds.” I don’t consider myself a nerd. My grades were always ok, but I was never a nerd, there were subjects at school I hated so much, and some other subjects which I liked, but I was never studying too much, I was too lazy for that. And I know a lot of people with glasses who are very far away from being a nerd.
  8. “People who wear glasses are ugly.” Really? Explain me how. I fucking hate this stereotype about the “ugly, fat, ginger, nerdy person with braces” vs. “hot, blue-eyed blonde, but dumb bimbo”. This stereotype comes from films and TV series like Ugly Betty, and so on, where the glasses are a “must have” accessory for the ugly girl.
  9. “Glasses make people look ugly.” This comes from the stereotype I mentioned above. However, if you are really ugly (what is also hard to tell, because what’s ugly for you, might me pretty for someone else and vice versa), it doesn’t matter if you wear glasses or don’t, you are ugly anyways. If you aren’t ugly, then you aren’t ugly even with glasses. Glasses don’t add or take anything to/from your look. They are just an accessory, which you need to see properly. (So you can see the ugly faces of all the annoying assholes in details, muhahaha)
  10. Tries on my glasses, and says: “Wow, you really can’t see.” I don’t take the wheelchair of a disabled person, and say “wow you really can’t walk” either.