Just youngest kid stuff (When you are much younger than your siblings)

That feeling when….
– you are a small kid, your siblings are teenagers and they don’t want to play with you, so you annoy them
…and steal their stuff (even when you don’t need them), and eat their last piece of chocolate (even when you are not hungry), or  you just lock them up in the kitchen because you are a fucking 3 years old troll
– you want to go clubbing with your sis because you like trance, but you can’t because you are only 3 years old
– your sister moves out, but you have another sister so you are not alone
– your sister is the same age as the mom of your classmate, but you just fight over random bullshit like normal siblings do
– she moves out and gives you her old stuff, like clothes, tapes, CDs, furniture, her room…and you finally find a track that you liked when you were small
– your siblings moved out so you have to clean the house at weekends
– your mom is overprotective because you are her youngest kid, and the others have already moved out
– but she doesn’t know how to use the internet (and neither dad can) so noone can control you…
– you are 14 and  your sister is 30, and she is a troll, and she is trying to read your search history in front of your parents…but you have deleted it…so she starts searching for other stuff in your computer…and you fight over the mouse
– when your sister goes somewhere for a weekend, and your mom tells her she will look after her kids, then she asks you to babysit for an hour, then you end up babysitting the whole weekend, because she is doing other stuff (like talking on the telephone all day, cooking dinner, etc.)
– you go somewhere with your nephews/nieces, and look like a teen mom
– you miss the bus, so you call one of your sisters to take you home after school
– you are the youngest “adult” in the family, and people are attacking you with questions like: Do yo have a boyfriend? Why not? Don’t you want one? Don’t you like XY? Why don’t you invite your boyfriend? Where is your boyfriend? When are you going to get married? When are you going to have kids? At 30??? Are you crazy? You are gonna be too old for that, you are 22, a few years and you will be too old…And you are just like “Shut the fuck up man!”
– you are the youngest, and the only one who still lives with their (retired) parents…and you are their “tech support” who removes 30 trojans, 50 malwares and 15 usesless toolbars from mom’s laptop…and explain her 77 times how to send a message on facebook
– you don’t have to cook or to wash your clothes, because mom does it for you
– you get grounded for not telling mom you were going to a party, but you texted her before and she also answered, but forgot about it the other day. Then you show her the texts, and she has to admit you were right, then you both just laugh about it.
– people think you are “mommy’s little daughter”, and that you have no privacy, no freedom, because you live at home, but you actually have more privacy than others at their student rooms, which they share with 3 others
– you don’t have to buy clothes that look vintage, you have real vintage stuff from your older siblings
– everyone is trying to tell you what to do because you are the youngest, but in the end you always do what you want
– you and your sisters laugh about some nasty jokes and mom asks what are you laughing at, you don’t want to tell, so she thinks you are making fun of her


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